Viber App

Install in Android:

In order to install the Viber application to your, initially you to check out your phone capability of the software version. Whether the version your having will allow installing the Viber application to your phone or not. 

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Click on the phone and select the Android version from it.
  • Then the Android version will be displayed on the phone screen. Thus if the version supports to install then go to settings.
  • Now search the available storage space whether the application will install successfully or not.
  • If the phone lagging with storage makes it free by delete unwanted data from the storage.
  • If everything is okay to download the application now starts the process of install.

Install in android:

  • Open the Google play store, search for the application Viber in the search bar.
  • Tap on the button to install.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to download completely.
  • Allow all the conditions of the application to maintain all the features.
  • It detects your current location automatically if the chosen address isn’t correct then, make it correct.
  • This application will send you an app activation code, enter the code to get activated by your downloaded application.

Install in iPhone:

  • If you wanted to download any application on iPhone there is only one inbuilt manager called App store, you are allowed to download any kind of application through it.
  • Go to the App store.
  • Search as Viber in the App Store and press the button to continue.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the Viber application and enter to continue with the application login process.
  • Give your basic information like Name, Phone number, Country along with country code.
  • Verify your name and number.
  • The Viber application verifies and sends you an activation code to continue with them.

Uninstall process in Android and iPhone:

If you want to delete Viber from your device and wanted to delete from your phone the below is the process. Deleting the application is different from the deactivating of an application.  

Deleting application is that if you again install in the future, still your account will access easily, in case of term deactivation is like account delete completely. In the future, if you again install you have to start from the initial step.


  • Go to the phone device settings.
  • Choose manger applications.
  • Select the Viber application and click on the delete option and delete it.


  • Form the home screen, select Viber.
  • Long press the application.
  • You will available with two options cancel and delete
  • Choose delete and then conform to the uninstall option.


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