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Permissions To Grant For Telegram Application:

The list of permissions that need to grant for the telegram application is as given below

In-app purchases

The telegram application allows the users for the in-app purchase where users can use it for free.

Device and app history

The history of the web bookmarks is required to access and the information regarding the running apps on the mobile device. The application also retrieves the sensitive log data and system internal state.

Cellular data settings

The Telegram application associates with the web association with the cell information and the wi-fi association. Along these lines, to associate with the cell information, it requires the insights about the cell information


The information regarding the user profile is used, the application can find accounts, read and modify contact card, add or remove accounts


The app should be allowed to access the contacts in the device, to read and to modify them


The user to permit the application to track the current location and also provide the GPS access


The user has to allow the application to send text messages, multimedia messages including the text, picture and video messages.


By permitting the application to get to the telephone, it recovers subtleties of call history, perused and call log, reroute active calls.


The application needs to get an award for getting to the photographs media and capacity. It likewise designs outside ability and alters USB stockpiling.


By giving admittance to the camera, Telegram can take picture and recordings.


The permissions for microphone permits to record audio while using the application

Wi-fi connection information

The application can connect through the wi-fi connection also so that to track whether the wi-fi is turned on or off to display a message.

Bluetooth connection information

The Bluetooth connection information is required to access the information regarding the nearby Bluetooth devices

Device ID& call information

To retrieve the details regarding phone status and identity, the application requires the authority


The application also requires the access to read, write data, download documents without notice, get information from the Internet, full system access, uninstall alternate routes, keep gadget from dozing, peruse Google administration design, see arrange associations, run at startup, change your sound settings, switch sync on and off, make records and set passwords.

Features Of Telegram Application:

The list of features that are associated with the Telegram application given below

Create Moment On Telegram:

User can send messages to each other and videos, photos, documents. You can send media and forms, with no limits on their sort and size. Users whole visit history will require no disk space on your gadget and will be safely put away in the Telegram cloud for whatever length of time that you need it.

Features For User’s Security:

The below is the list of features that ensures user security and helps against cyberbullying and anti-harassment


Telegram pays attention to your protection and will never give access to third parties to your information. Telegram is lean and straightforward to utilize.


Telegram upholds E2E encryption for two kinds of interchanges: Secret Chats, and voice calls. Mystery Chats will be talks that are not put away on Telegram workers and are merely open to the gadgets associated with the visit.

Uses Machine Learning Technology While Searching:

Machine learning technology used by the telegram application to provide the quality content for the users

Pros And Cons Of Telegram Application:

The advantages associated with the Telegram application given below

Available For Free:

The Telegram account available for free in the Google play store and this application is beneficial for many business and organic posts

Helps In Enhancing Bussiness:

By using the Telegram application for the business purpose it helps reaches a lot of audiences and to create the brand identity


Open-source applications and Telegram Database Library

Falling to pieces messages

Clients can be signed in on numerous gadgets all the while

Supports Two-Step Verification

GDPR agreeable

Cons Of Telegram Application

The list of challenges that the Telegram application has to face is as given below


For registering Telegram requires a phone number

E2E encryption just for Secret Chats

Has not shared any Transparency Reports

Servers do not support open source

Logs IP Address and other client information
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