Messenger Lite App

Messenger Lite is an instant messaging service owned by Facebook a period of years back. It can do more than sending texts. Though it’s owned and operated by Facebook, the app and website are separate from Facebook.

The user doesn’t need to have the Facebook account to use Messenger Lite. Of course, two are partially connected, in case of having a Facebook account no need to pass a request to your friends.

This application is used for instant messaging, sharing photos, videos, audio recording and group chats. The app, which is free to download, can be used to communicate with your friends on Facebook and with user phone contacts.

The Messenger Lite application allows users to send other users their location in the message. This was done using GPS technology available on most device location services that can be found in the settings.

Working procedure:

  • The users can download simply to their mobile/tablet device, this application can also be used on the desktop.
  • The users were available with the option of setting up Messenger Lite using their Facebook account or with their telephone number.
  • If the user chooses to set up an account using a Facebook profile, Messenger Lite takes information includes friends list, profile picture, etc.
  • The app can sync with your phone contacts as well as with the user’s current friend list on Facebook.


A quick start to Chat:

Just by exchanging numbers, send a message, from any logged device.

Send an Audio Clips:

To start recording, open a conversation and press and hold the microphone button to the text box. Drag up to cancel the recording, and let go of the icon to send and send.

Scribble Chat:

This turns your messages into fun 3D animations. There are currently 42 animations options, and they are all adorable. Open a conversation and tap the plus sign in the bottom left corner, then swipe left to select Scribble Chat.

Share news, recipes, restaurants, flights, and more:

If the user chatting about travel plans, the user can search hotel and flight options with the Kayak extension. User share recipes from the Food Network, restaurants from Open Table, songs from Spotify and Apple Music, and news articles from the Wall Street Journal.

Customize your conversations:

Facebook application has a number of options to make user conversations with their friends by themselves. Open a group chat and tap its name to open the customization option.

Secret Conversations:

When wanted to start a secret conversation, then tap secret option in the top right corner, and select the friend to message. To make user messages disappear after a certain period of time, tap the clock icon to the left of the text box.

Chat with Bots:

If the user maintaining enough human interaction, never fear Messenger Lite’s army of bots will keep the user in the company. The company will send the information to the news. It benefits to place orders, play games, and many more.

Play Games:

To challenge a friend or group of friends, start a conversation, press the plus sign, and select Games. If the user is a loner or wants to get some practice, start a conversation with the user to play any game alone.

Add friends instantly with profile code:

Tap on the user-friend profile’s icon in the top left corner of the app, then tap the large profile in the center of the screen.

Send and request money:

To use it, link user debit card by going to profile- Payments- Add New Debit Card. To send and request, enter a chat with the friend hit the plus sign on the bottom left corner, select Payments, and enter the necessary amount.

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